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We have recently finished a complete redecorating project on the spa. Others may have opted to knock down walls in order to create a more contemporary floor plan. But, we feel that would have jeopardized the integrity of this stoic landmark's character, as well as, undermining the true personality of the home. Keep in mind, this building has proudly "raised" dozens of generations of children under its roof. It has defiantly withstood countless hurricanes and blizzards that would have "broken" any lesser structure. To do anything other than restore the exterior and interior would be an absolute travestry.


We are excited to share all of our hard work with you


So...please stay close and feel free to ask any questions along the way.


Let's start with the exterior...


As you approach the 18th century Federalist Colonial, you get the feeling of being transported back in time to 1795.

Begin your retreat into a whole new world where stress has never know, with the sounds of trickling water from our stone Koi pond.

You may first wish to stop and admire the carefree life of our friendly Koi.


Our stone Koi pond and hand-carved stone birdbaths create the perfect soothing ambiance. Notice how the birdbaths are balancing like Stonehenge.

When you cross over the threshold and enter our spa, you will breathe a sigh of contentment with the welcoming ambiance, as you become our honored guest.


The front entry appears much as it did over 200 years ago. The floors and grand staircase are oak and have been refinished to their original luster.


After being greeted by our personable, friendly staff, you may be seated in our comfortably homey lobby where you can unwind with a cup of hot herbal tea.


You may take some time to browse our retail store for the perfect lipstick, or possibly your "Fountain of Youth" skin product.


Beautifully detailed wainscoting together with an antique Queen Anne vanity and vintage settee enhance your voyage to relaxation.


Over your heads, you will notice the vintage frosted glass chandelier; which is also original to the home. The frosted glass shades are irreplaceable. So, if you are taller than 5'9", please duck your head as you pass under.

The significant feature of the nail care room is the circa 1795 fireplace mantle surrounding a one-of-a-kind, hand crafted maple display case and distinctive, hand-painted colonial light fixture.


Even the mirror above the mantle is significant to our family. It belonged to my grandmother and is more than 70 years old.


Here you will experience your uplifting hand treatment and beautifying manicure.


Our dedicated pedicure area is next. We also call this our "library room." In here we wanted to embrace the warm, cozy ambiance that this room embodied but still needed to be able to provide quailty pedicure services. We opted for comfortable Queen Anne recliners as our pedicure chairs and are positioned on either side of the original (of course) oversized bay windows.


Across from the pedicure chairs is a gorgeous built-in hutch/display case. It is made of rich aged oak; which reflects the beautiful oak floors.

Moving on to the first of our therapy rooms. When you have one of our many body therapy treatments, you're able to utilize the adjoining full bath for rinsing after the treatment. Both rooms have real wood blinds for warmth and privacy. Of course, the floor is restored, rich, golden oak.


In our second therapy room, we are able to perform any of our many facial services and body therapy treatments that do not require a shower. Adding to the cozy feel of the room are the green linen window treatments framing the real wood oak blinds that enhance the beauty of the oak floors.


Imagine receiving your treatments with the original brick fireplace that is located in this room as a backdrop.


Another important feature of the home is a gorgeous leaded glass cabinet. I have been told that if someone could afford a cabinet such as this in the late 1800's or early 1900's; which is when it was added to the home, they were considered to be very wealthy.


Thank you for the very observant question from someone in the the back of today's tour...the question is about the door "push" plate, crystal doorknobs and the radiators. The "push" plate is not original to the home. We added this to the French door because clients would try to open the door by pulling. We were afraid that the glass would break due to the added pressure. It really doesn't make much of a difference because the clients still try to pull the door open even though they see the "push" plate.


The crystal doorknobs, on the other hand, are original to the house. We do have all the skeleton keys for every one of them.


Detailed steam radiators are also original.

So that concludes our in-depth tour featuring the unique and original architectural details of our spa. We hope you have enjoyed the tour as much as we have enjoyed sharing it with you.


Please feel free to stay and take advantage of any of our luxurious spa treatments...stay for an hour...or the whole day. When you entered through our front door, you became our honored guest.